The Benefits...

  • Personalized learning
  • Ultimate flexibility-any-time-any-place
  • View child's performance
  • View Tutors's background


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Personalized - Adaptive learning

Benefits to parents is an Educational technology start up that helps students learn and retain knowledge effectively, faster, easier and improve school success. In, we believe that every student is entitled to – and has the opportunity to excel with – personalized education. We also believe that effective teachers are knowledge mentors, and that every teacher can become more effective with the use of advance teaching technology.

With that in mind parents should benefit from

  • Effective tutoring based on your own kid’s educational needs - personalization
  • Any time any place any device. Your child can attend a class from all over the world, at any day or time with ipad, iphone, laptops, tablet, PC etc – flexibility
  • One click access to own child’s real time progress reports – measurable results in your hands 24/7 with a press of a button – convenience
  • Cost effective when compared over time with conventional, less effective tutoring methods
  • Absolute quality, parents can view Tutors’ background and witness pre-recorded classes - quality of service

OUR VALUES uses digital tools to bring personalized learning, adaptive content, personalized assessments and progress reports, through effective teaching practices to as many students as possible. Our educators, software engineers, and entrepreneurs at embrace the following principles as giant steps forward excellence in education:

  • It is every person’s right to be educated and have an equitable chance in life
  • By re-inventing education we better the lives of many young people, their families and the society overall
  • Every student, parent, and employee is vital to us as it makes up our DNA

Learning made fun

You can talk to your tutor live while working on exercises or theoretical subjects in Maths. You can even invite your friends and form a study group. Be conformable from your own home or any other place you wish – even your car while traveling! helps you do great at high school, by providing you with the strength you need to master your homework, projects and special assignments.